This Private Vehicle Tour Company Just Might Put Bus Tours Out of Business. (Athens, Greece)

When I booked with Greece Athens Tours during my visit to Athens, the idea of booking a personalized car service to explore the great city initially sounded unusual to me. But then I thought about it: why pay per head in an annoying large group tour, when you can pay per vehicle in a custom private tour? 

Holy baby Jesus. It was like a light bulb turned on and suddenly life made sense. Here are five reasons why bus tours need to watch out; I think booking a tour with a private vehicle service like Greece Athens Tours is 5x better than a group walking or bus tour, and possibly even cheaper if you play your cards right!


Reason #1:

You are guided through narrow roads to get up to places like lycabettus hill for stellar views of the entire city, 247 meters high.

Buses can’t do that. When you book a group tour you actually have to be shuttled in cars or taxis in order to drive up the narrow roads. And some of you just might not go at all. Booking a vehicle bypasses the BS and gets you to that 


Reason #2: 

Like I said before: you are paying per vehicle.

So it can be 2 of you splitting the price or 4 of you splitting THE SAME PRICE. On a bus, you pay your fee and that’s it. This isn’t haggle city. (Note: Price per vehicle is $150 for 1-4 people). If you are smart, you'll make some friends and make sure that car is filled with four people, that way you get this personalized service for cheap.


Reason #3: 

You can alter your schedule.

When we were with our guide Odysseus, he was very accommodating of my tight schedule. I did not have enough time to see all the sites in the itinerary so he made sure to monitor the clock closely and take us to the must-see locations and sights, like the changing of the guard at the Parliament and pointing out unique artwork along the way.


Reason #4: 

You are granted alone time!

I really love that the tour guides are more hands off in these private tours. I hate when I don’t have enough time to take in, appreciate, and Instagram everything I am experiencing! ;-) On a serious note, I enjoyed being given an overview in the car while driving and briefly before entering, so that we can experience it all on our own. We were also given tips on the best places to take a good photo.



Reason #5: 

You get water, wifi, comfortable seating and service - service - service.

The cars that Greece Athens Tours uses are all equipped with Wi-Fi and provide cold water to keep hydrated as you tour. There’s also no one in front of you reclining their chair back and knocking into your knees. Alex even got a coffee run. 

To learn more about Greece Athens Tours or visit their website or top rated trip advisor page. If you've taken a private car tour before, tell me what you think in the comments below!