Is It Rude to Ask How Much Money a Travel Blogger Makes?


I know you're itching to know. Aren't we all a bit curious? Aren't we all so unsure of our own value, insecurely comparing ourselves to the next person across every public platform, that we just NEED to know... how much money do travel bloggers make?  

Instead of having the guts to demand a raise at work, or the initiative to research ways to make money doing what they love, some people seem to only be concerned with one number: the salary of a blogger. 

Am I a successful travel blogger on a permanent vacation? A wealthy travel blogger able to afford seeing the world? Am I paying my school loans and other debts comfortably? Or is my new travel partner / boyfriend my sugar daddy, fronting the costs?


Is it rude to ask me how much I make as a Travel Blogger?

Let's look at it this way. Answer these questions: 

  • How much do you make? 
  • What are your monthly bills and how much are you saving per month? 
  • How much does your partner contribute to your spending and expenses? 
  • Where is your money coming from?  

First 20 commenters: if you can honestly (and comfortably) answer every question above in the comment section below, I will personally email you how much I make per month and how I make it. Promise. 

I know there won't be many of you (if at all) because yes, it is rude to ask! 



Consider this all too common scenario: 

Five strangers meet at a party.

Introductions are made and the usual, "Where are you from" / "What do you do" questions are asked.

Typically, as a blogger, I would be the only person asked how much money I make. Not the banker. Not the intern. Not the teacher. Not the restaurant owner. Only the blogger. 

Maybe they think blogging is not a "real job". Maybe they don't know what goes into the job of "blogging" and they are genuinely curious. But if you wouldn't fathom questioning another professional, then you shouldn't question me. Blogging is a real job for many people and it is offensive to often be the only one questioned about salary. 

What if you are genuinely curious about how much a blogger makes, but don't want to be rude? Glassdoor and other salary sites aren't going to list the average blogger salary.

What can you ask instead? 

Here are inoffensive Questions you can ask instead:

- Do you blog full-time or is it a hobby?

  • This will help you confirm if it is a "real job" without being offensive. Many entrepreneurs ask me this question, as they understand the hobby to career transition.

- What is your business model?

  • This is a great non-intrusive inquiry that provides insight on possible blogging revenue streams, in case you are interested in the business.

- How long does it generally take for blogging to become profitable?

  • Without asking for a specific number, you show that you respect their work and their blog's potential to be profitable -- as opposed to insinuating they are unable to be successful -- and leave the floor open for them to confirm, deny, or avert the question.

While it is generally rude to question blogger salary, just as it would be for any salary or financial information, some bloggers are super open to the discussion. I've even shared my numbers with my blogging consultation clients. Keep in mind that others are a bit more private and deserve the respectful conversation you would have with any other professional. If they want to discuss their salary, they will let you know. Not the other way around. 

Now, go be great. 



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