How I Became an Italian Chef in One Day


No joke. I've got the certification to prove it. 

There’s a new master chef in town and his name is Matteo: head maestro of One Day Chef, a new Italian cooking class replicating traditional Roman and Italian culinary delights.

While in Rome, Alex and I signed up for Matteo’s morning class - just a short walk from the Colosseum - and upon arrival had Matteo, a plate of small bites (don’t cook while you’re hungry), and two chef hats and aprons waiting for us (yes, you can take them home).



On the Menu:

For our course, we chose to learn how to make ravioli, pasta carbonara, and tiramisu.  (The photos below are mine, ALL MINE!)



The Lesson:


Matteo was a great instructor who patiently worked with my extremely slow-paced perfectionism and Alex’s zealous enthusiasm.

He taught by demonstration, using modern appliances and safety equipment, and was sure to explain each step using mostly household items (so that we could implement our newfound cooking skills at home).

As an extra fun quirk, Alex enjoyed talking sports with Matteo (an avid fan) while I jammed to upbeat tunes in the background.


Here are some photos of our lessons: 

We prepped the tiramisu first so it could be refrigerated.


Then we worked on the fresh pasta for the ravioli, stenciling each cutout piece with the brim of cups. 


After each completed dish, we took photos and enjoyed eating.


Then back to work! We used pork cheek (yummy fat) for the pasta carbonara.


Annnnnd back to eating. We sat at one of the unused counters and talked sports, food, and the "Thank You" graffiti autographs painting the walls from previous guests. 

The Results:


After our Italian cooking class, Alex and I were officiated as One Day Chef experts! #Mommaimadeit

We received certifications and everything.

I thought it was such a special extra touch to give us something to go home with. Not that my pork fragranced apron and new belt size weren't enough of a memory on their own! ;-)

My recommendation: This was one of the most enjoyable cooking classes we’ve tried yet.

The food is abundant so be prepared for leftovers (Matteo has containers) and don’t make reservations for dinner.


More Information:

To learn more about the One Day Chef or book a class during your stay in Rome, Italy, visit their website here.

Thanks for reading!



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Please share the wealth and recommend it to your friends visiting Rome. I'm sure they'd be stoked about this Italian cooking class.

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