How to Practice Yoga Online for Free While Traveling


I fell in love with yoga after living at a yoga resort for two months in Costa Rica. Immediately thereafter, I took an intensive 200 RYT training with Yoga Works in Soho, NYC and set on to live a life incorporating yoga and mediation. 

Then I started traveling again and Yoga classes weren't so easy to find. I didn't want to stay at yoga resorts and drop-in class fees were astronomical.

So I decided to resort to these two sites to keep my flow going.

Costa Rica 2014

Costa Rica 2014

Do Yoga With Me is by far my favorite free website to use for online yoga classes. You can sign up for free and use their online videos as a guide for your practice. They offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced instructional for a multitude of segments. When I am in a rush I do an 11 minute video. When I have more time I do a 44 or 51 minute video. There is so much to choose from amongst the hundreds of online classes. I seriously absolutely adore them.

If you are feeling extra inspired, you have the option to sign up for their $5/month donation subscription service. You really don't get much more as a subscriber (ad-free experience, bonus videos, and ability to rate videos/comment) but for those who are financially able to support, they help make it possible to continue offering free videos to everyone. Um, #goodkarma anyone?


My Yoga Works

After my teacher training I had access to My Yoga Works because of my membership with Yoga Works. However, once my discounted subscription was over, and my travel expenses kicked up, I simply had to shave off the extra expense (which led me to use Do Yoga With Me)... that said, I still think the resources were great and extremely high quality. So, here are three ways you can experience My Yoga Works online classes at a lower cost:

  1. Sign up for their 2 week free trial

  2. Sign up for their free 7-day Mind/Body Transformation Journey Series (receive one free video via email each day)

  3. Wait until theres a big discount sale and cash in! 

Right now there is a Black Friday Sale for Using Promo code YOGA70 new subscribers can get 70% off a 1-month, 6-month, or 1-year membership. Expires 12/4/15 EST.



Try it:

Try one of these sites and tell me what you think of practicing yoga at home in the comments below. Also if you already have your own favorite free sites, share the wealth! 


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