Travel Well: Essential Tips for Glasses and Contact Lens Wearers

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When I first started traveling, I realized wearing glasses and contacts would be difficult to maintain while backpacking. With dirt in my eyes from motorbiking dusty roads, sanitary concerns on long rides, dry eyes from my lupus, and the occasional optical accident, I was not looking forward to juggling eye care with adventure. But after ruling out expensive Lasik procedures, I realized I had no other choice than to find a smarter way to vacation wearing lenses. After years of traveling with glasses and contacts, here are my favorite travel tips for fellow lens-wears who don't want to miss out on memorable experiences.  

1. Remember Your Glasses Case

I won't deny it: I sat on (and broke) my boyfriend, Alex's glasses during one of our vacations. Actually, it happened twice. Both his regular and back up glasses on two separate occasions. Despite feeling awful about it, all I could think was: why are your glasses continuously on the bed and couch, unprotected?

If you plan on traveling often, staying in hostels, or having your glasses anywhere near someone else's tush, you should consider bringing your case along. You'll protect your lenses so you can actually explore during your trip, and avoid having to figure out a vision solution abroad. 

2. Your Shirt is not a Cleaning Cloth


There is a reason why your glasses come with a lens cloth. Hint: it is not for style. 

When we clean our glasses with the harsh fabrics in our clothing, we gradually scratch the lenses. To preserve your glasses (and investment) keep the cleaning cloth with you while traveling. Lens cloths not only prevent scratching, they also provide a squeaky clean finish.

3. Avoid Flying with Contact Lenses

If you've ever flown with your contacts on, you know exactly why this rule is so important. If not, here's the deal: when you fly, the dry air within the cabin can make your contacts and eyes feel like the Sahara desert. Next thing you know, you'll have itchy, irritated eyes and dried out contacts--which will be a pain to try to take out. 

Save yourself the drama by removing your contacts before you get on the plane, or after you sit down. I normally carry hand sanitizer and a contact case pre-filled with solution in my purse and switch out at my seat while waiting for the plane to take off. Once I land, I head to a bathroom and properly wash my hands before putting them back in.

4. Always Pack Eye Drops

So what if you do forget to take out your contacts on the plane? Or are stuck with dry, bloodshot eyes from a long leg of travel? It's bound to happen, so you should always have a travel-sized bottle of eye drops with you. 


Clear Eyes® Pure Relief™ Multi-Symptom, for example is perfect for people with red, itchy, dry, irritated, or gritty eyes. It is the first preservative-free eye solution in the United States that is not sold in single vials. The drops allow me to enjoy trips without worrying about eye sensitivity to preservatives and keeps my eyes looking refreshed in photos for up to 12 hours (without my usual dry-eye frustrations). You can purchase Clear Eyes® Pure Relief™ at a Walgreens near you with this $3 coupon and toss it in your carry-on.

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