Travel Announcement: New Adventure Itinerary for O. Christine


As the winter creeps in and my joints begin to send me hate mail, I am proud to announce that another adventure is set and scheduled on the calendar! 

Drum roll, please.  

We are going to Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay!

So you might have some questions. Baby, I've got some answers. Here is a brief rundown of the itinerary (without getting too stalky). 


1. Who are "we"? 

My boyfriend, Alex and I will embark on this international journey together. Just as we did in 2015! He is my favorite travel partner and although I love being alone, traveling with someone who fits your personality is a breeze. 

2. Travel dates

We don't have a definite return date, but are all set to leave on November 9th, the day after the presidential election.  

More than likely we will return late winter to be home around the time of our four family members' birthdays. 

3. Itinerary 1: Travel Blogger Trip to Chile

The first stop is Chile. We chose this as our starting point because it is the beginning of the summer in South America and flights are expensive. Flying into Chile (Santiago) allowed us to get much cheaper flights. We bought a pair of cheap tickets to Lima, Peru and then $99 tickets from Lima to Santiago: much cheaper that way (like $390 vs. $500, or something like that). 

In Chile we plan to visit Santiago, San Pedro de Atacama, Easter Island, and Patagonia! We plan on doing a DIY trek around Patagonia for 5-10 days including 4-5 days on the W Trek. 

4. Itinerary 2: Travel Blogger Trip to Argentina

While in Patagonia, I plan to cross the Chile-Argentina border overland, by bus, to El Calafate, El Chalten, Perito Moreno, and more  as we go more north towards Bariloche. This will require another Argentina->Chile->Argentina border cross overland, but should be fine. 

From Bariloche we will see Mendoza, Salta, Córdoba, and Buenos Aires before heading east to Uruguay. 

5. Itinerary 3: Travel Blogger Trip to Uruguay

We are still researching where to go in Uruguay but know we want to visit Montevideo, Punta del Este, and more! 

We also plan to settle down a little longer and spend more than a month exploring (as opposed to jam packing a schedule and city hopping).  

6. Other things to note:  

- We are looking to combine the best of wellness and adventure to have a healthy trip

- We want to find romantic spots that are luxurious yet affordable

- We will search for new gems to share and provide free itineraries and reviews for you (of course)

- We are keeping an eye out for our next retreat destination in one of these places

- I only have a few passport pages left so we are hoping I don't get stuck at the border! 


Have you been to Chile, Argentina, or Uruguay?

Leave your tips and questions below.