How to Watch the MLB World Series Abroad (Southeast Asia)


Alex has been following his favorite team, the Mets, throughout our Southeast Asia trip. He's been lucky enough to watch the MLB baseball playoffs and now World Series while we've been in Vietnam. Even though I wrote this post a while back, you can still use the tips to watch your favorite team, now.

So, if you are away from home and frantically searching for a way to watch some baseball, here are your (legal) options:

Watch in your hotel or hostel:

Hanoi, Hoi An, Hue, Nha Trang, Da Lat, Ho Chi Minh city, and almost every Vietnam hotel with an in-room TV has the FOX SPORTS 2 channel, which broadcasts the baseball games live. A few times we stayed in hostels that had a TV in the lobby and staff members were more than happy to let us change the channel. 

Watch on

On the MLB website, go to and use your subscription login to watch the games on your laptop over WiFi.

Download the MLB "at Bat" app on your phone:

Use your iPhone or Android to download the free At Bat app onto your phone. With this app, you can watch game day animated baseball updates for free OR you can use your subscription to watch the World Series baseball game live. Again, watching these games will be over WiFi if you don't have a data plan.

Don't have a subscription to and can't get to a TV with cable? 

You can buy live streaming access for the post season on for just $10.  

Watch in a restaurant or bar:

Find your local expat or tourist trap bar-restaurant and you'll be able to find the game. Ask the waiter for Fox Sports channel or "American Baseball", manage slight translation difficulties, and then request the remote to change the channel yourself. After five minutes, you should be able to kick back and watch the game.

Enjoy the World Series games!

Do have any other suggestions on how to watch baseball abroad? Please share them in the comment section, below!

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