5 Reasons Why "Flight of the Gibbon" is the Coolest Angkor Park Add-on

During my trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia I made my way to visit the must see Angkor Park. The park includes the famous Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument in the world! But there is one thing newcomers don't realize: Angkor Park is HUGE and can take up to 3 days to visit, depending on how in love you are. So why not add on some adventure as well? Here is why you should take advantage of Flight of the Gibbon during your Angkor Park visit, the only zipline adventure located within a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

1. It is super family friendly

After all the time I've spent in Costa Rica, it is hard to impress me with thrill. But Flight of the Gibbon doesn't attempt to do so. They are really a family-friendly activity that holds safety as their absolute #1 priority. Engineered with European standards, you can rest assure the safety of your family and the surrounding nature is the company's priority.

2. You get to walk (or run) across thrilling hanging bridges!

How exciting is that!? Flight of the Gibbon mixes it up and allows you to hook on to a safety rope while crossing four hanging bridges. Wait until others are walking with you and feel your stomach churn with excitement as the bridge begins to sway.

3. You get to ride ten ziplines over the Angkor jungle.

Join your friends and family and spend 2 hours flying over the jungle on ten different ziplines. With the hanging bridges in between, you'll love the varying lengths and heights.

4. You just might see gibbons!

Though they are shy little buggers, you might get lucky and experience gibbons up close! Gibbons are one of the most endangered ape species due to habitat destruction, hunting, and illegal trade. I didn't get to see any but was happy to know Flight of the Gibbon is committed to helping preserve the species. 

5. Flight of the Gibbon is very committed to eco tourism.

The best way to travel and have new adventures is to do so with companies committed to eco tourism. Flight of the Gibbon has a reforestation project where they've planted over 30,000 trees in the jungle of Thailand alone. They also plan to plant one million trees over the next twenty years.

NOTE: Instead of buying your park tickets alone, get a tour ticket with Flight of the Gibbon and have your park tickets included.

To learn more about Flight of the Gibbon, visit their website >>