Remote Job Opportunities for Bloggers

I am able to travel the world because I work remotely. When I first started growing my blog, I bartered my marketing skills and guest contributed to travel blogs often. That helped me grow a resume and network, and eventually: my own popular blog! Now that O. Christine is growing rapidly, this job board will be updated with similar job opportunities. Take a look!

Blog intern

Become a travel and wellness blog intern!

Do you dream of starting your own blog or want to grow your travel writing resume? Then you should become an intern at O. Christine!

You'll learn how to research sponsorship opportunities (so that you can learn how to one day take on your own blog sponsorships), write travel wellness articles, and even have the chance to be sent off on your own sponsored visit (location depending).  

Email for more information. (3-month minimum commitment)

Become a regular guest blog contributor!

Experienced travel writers / influencers: become a travel wellness contributor and grow your digital authority. Looking for Spa, Beach, Outdoor, and R+R getaway articles, original photos (not required), and fresh travel wellness content.

Email with writing samples. Minimum 20k social reach.

Travel Wellness Contributor


Earn money with an affiliate program!

Help me promote and sell my digital products with this commission-based affiliate opportunity. You'll get to offer discounts for you and your friends and gain 20% of sales profits. 

Email to get set up.

Digital Sales Guru

Business Development Manager

This position has been filled.