Travel + Wellness + Marketing services

Collaborate with a travel and wellness blogger who has 10+ years of marketing and hospitality experience.


Whether it's growing your own business, learning to travel, embracing yoga, or simply receiving business and travel support - I'd love to work with you!

I partner with small and large businesses, entrepreneurs, and growing bloggers to improve audience engagement, marketing content, and brand presentation. I also teach yoga and support fellow travelers with trip consulting. It is very important to me to help others the way the world helped me when I was just beginning, so I provide a range of prices and free options for everyone! My professional experience includes a degree in Hospitality Administration (tourism marketing, 

Here is a list of services available:


Brand Sponsorship // Product + Service Reviews // Events

I love working with businesses that match my brand, embrace my voice, and offer something that will improve the lives and happiness of my readers. I have been featured in a number of different publications and my overall digital presence, growing rapidly, now reaches over 25,000 followers across O. Christine social media and blog platforms. The O. Christine reader demographic is split between couple and single travelers, mostly female (ages 18-34) and earning $65-95k per year. She loves to read about inspiring travel stories, dining scoops, wellness getaways, breathtaking destinations, hip technology, and romance. 

Are you a perfect fit for my travel + wellness audience?

Here are free and affordable promotion options for you to consider:



  1. Guest Posts: Every quarter I open my blog to a select number of lucky businesses and bloggers, and offer free collaboration opportunities. Because of its popularity, I only choose businesses and bloggers that are making a difference, completely fit my message, or inspire me. I usually have an open call, so make sure you subscribe to my newsletter to hear about it. Successful guest posts are usually travel or wellness guides and include well captured images.
  2. Product / Experiential Reviews: If you want a product or service reviewed but don't have the budget for a sponsored post, you are welcome to connect anyway. From hotel stays, spa experiences, restaurant tastings, tour experiences and product reviews, I am open to considering a select number of projects per quarter. 

    Unsolicited requests do not guarantee promotion, but if I love it enough I will definitely give it a shout out on social media (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram) and tag your business and pertinent hashtags. If it is the best thing ever, I might even write a blog post about it.

    Are there any exceptions? Sometimes. For example, if your product or service is valued at more than $1,000, then I'm more likely to be open to bartering in exchange for unbiased collaboration. Email me at with all the details and I'll send you my mailing address.
  3. Event Promotion: I love giving free swag. If you want to participate in a giveaway or sponsor a retreat with a goodie bag, let's get in touch!


  1. Ambassador Program: Get more exposure for your brand through my blog and/or social media accounts with an ambassador program. For products and brands that totally match O. Christine's voice, I am happy to set up a custom recurring program / schedule series to get your product in front of my audience.
  2. Sponsored Editorial: I've worked with a number of companies that send me their products and request a sponsored article and/or social media campaign (FTC guidelines approved) weaving their product into a blog post with my own voice and opinions.

    I've worked with lifestyle companies, big (travel-friendly) tech companies, health and wellness brands, outdoor backpacking / yoga products.
    RATES START AT $150 (blog) and $130 (social media)
  3. Speaking Engagements: I have led inspiration circles and spoke in classrooms to share my journey with millennials, POC, and wellness audiences. I am open to opportunities that cover expenses, event tickets, and provide a small stipend. In exchange, I offer an engaging program with Q&A and event promotion. 

Marketing + Design // Social Media Management

I am formally trained in marketing and hospitality, and love using my skills to help grow other businesses. My marketing consulting company, O. Christine Media (OCM) manages tourism, wellness, and lifestyle brands. With a team of hospitality, wellness, marketing, and customer experience experts, we provide:

  • Brand + Website Management, Design
  • Blogging + Content Development (review some writing samples here)
  • Editorial Calendar
  • SEO, Copywriting + Editing
  • Social Media Management, Analytics + Reporting


  1. Barter Consulting: I am open to bartering with hotel companies that seek marketing / promotional assistance. My partner, Alex joins me in providing marketing, administrative, and media support.

    Example: At the luxury yoga resort Blue Osa, I lived on the hotel property for 2.5 months, received 3 daily meals, laundry service, and yoga classes in exchange for available marketing / blogging services. The exchange was equally valuable and an enriching experience for both parties. 

    If you are an accommodation business or are available to provide a similar contract, Email me at to discuss further. 


  1. Social Media Manager: I work remotely with lifestyle, wellness, and travel brands to improve their digital presence and provide marketing support. 
  2. Marketing On-Call: Some of my clients need one-time jobs that require a quick turnaround and an invoice. I provide projects like media kits, marketing research, website clean-up, and more.
  3. Copywriting: I am a blogger, author, and copywriter. I write freelance for a number of publications, priced per article, and secure ghost writing contracts with larger hotel chains. 

Travel Consultant // Blogging Coach

If you have no clue about what to do on your upcoming trip or want to begin a life of travel, a travel consultation would be helpful.



  1. Free Articles: If you don't have much of a budget but lots of questions, was made absolutely free for you to peruse. At the footer of every page is a search button where you can type in your topic and (hopefully) find the answers to your questions! I offer free travel guides, budgeting information, and inspiration lists for those who don't know where to start.
  2. Free Destination Data: If you head to my popular travel Instagram account, I provide lots of information about the destinations I visit in the caption. Getting free travel advice requires a lot of research (so you'll be scrolling a lot) but when it's free, it's totally worth it!
  3. Via Email: I'm not going to lie, I feel super awkward when someone asks for advice and I reply with my consultation rates. Everyone tells me it is bad business to keep giving free information but I just CAN'T HELP IT. So, when someone emails me with a travel / wellness / blogging question I gladly send them a *free* answer. HOWEVER -- I receive a lot of emails, so please be mindful of that. 
  4. Via Comments: If you have follow up questions to a post I've written, ask your question in the comments! I'm 99% likely to answer your question if it is pertinent, on topic, or useful to other readers. 


  1. Consult Session (blogging): I have lovely packages for people who want my undivided attention for help improving their blogs and digital presence.

    You get the perks of having a marketing specialist as a bonus so I get down and dirty in SEO and analytics. You can also expect to hear real advice and recommendations of how to make money blogging.
  2. Consult Session (travel itineraries): I can set up custom travel guides that allow you to explore at your leisure or schedule a video consultation that answers all your questions about travel.

    I often create rough travel itineraries for a small fee or do all the research for newbie travelers to destinations I've already been to!

*** Book a travel consultation session with me without having to request a quote: sessions start as low as $49.


Private Yoga Instructor // Retreat Facilitator

I am a 200 RYT yoga instructor certified by the highly esteemed YogaWorks studio in Soho, New York City and registered by Yoga Alliance. My Vinyasa practice embraces meditation, breath work, flow core strengthening, and deep stretching. My sessions are judgement-free environments that serve those who may be too shy or afraid to join the growing mass of mainstream yogis. It is a great first step to knowing your body, accepting your injuries, and learning patience.

I frequently give free yoga sessions on a whim or as a barter agreement. If you want to get official with it and join a retreat or private instruction, you can do that too.

*** International yoga availability. Advanced booking requiredEmail me for rates!