I'm Olivia Christine,
a Travel & Wellness Blogger from New York City.



... or @ochristine the travel blogger if you know me from Instagram.

I am one of those people who left the corporate world in search of happiness + purpose. (Not so much Eat. Pray. Love. but definitely life changing.) Unlike your typical "quit your job and travel" blogger, I was diagnosed with Lupus Nephritis at 16 years old (technically 17, as it took a year to figure it out) and quitting my job just wasn't an option. Or so I thought. You see, Lupus has always affected me and the way I live my life, in one way or another. From steroids to chemo to life threatening flare-ups, I've always been afraid to stray too far from my doctors.

Then one day I decided to refuse to let my health dictate how far I go in life (literally). I saved money, discussed a plan with my doctor and improved my health, and leaped from my job security net (okay so I am kinda your "quit your day job" blogger, but not...).

It was only meant to be for six months... that was back in 2014. Whoops. 

Along my journey I fell in love and discovered my adoration for minimalist travel, writing, yoga, and most of all: the beauty of good health from stress-free living. Long story short: my lupus went into remission, and I can't help but give props to the worldwide... uh, world. I was eating better (say no to high fructose corn syrup, y'all), I was less stressed, and I was gifting myself time. 

They say the average female lives 81.2 years.

If you do the math: waiting until you retire at 67 to see the world will only leave you with 14 years left to explore. Doesn't sound alarming? How about this: that is only 14 summers! Only 14 New Years, 14 birthday getaways, 14 caroling seasons, 14 tax return seasons, 14 "I'm not feeling well, how about next year" postponements... you get the idea. 

The time is now. 

About my travel and wellness blog:


I've had my website for almost 10 years (formerly a modeling portfolio) but began officially travel blogging in 2014. I completely redesigned my site and chose to use my blog to share my travel and wellness knowledge and experiences. I use the blog to provide:

Most importantly, I hope my posts inspire readers to follow their own path towards happiness and exploration, using my tips to provide a smoother journey.

I won't tell you to quit your day job to travel (it's a little more complicated than that if you're the average broke human being with obligations), but I will encourage you to start investing more time into what makes you feel full of joy -- which might, in turn make you quit your job to pursue bigger, better things if you are one of those people who hates their job.

And then there's yoga:


I've always been a fan of yoga, but delved deeper into my practice while living in the jungle of Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula at a yoga resort. With frequent asanas and meditation, I've been able to find my purpose in helping others connect with themselves: learning to accept, be patient, yet still take chances. It's why I pushed my practice further and became a certified international yoga instructor.

I aim to provide private yoga and meditation classes to those seeking to uphold their practice, or seeking a change in life.

If you are interested in booking me as a guest yoga teacher, private instructor, or retreat leader please contact me to discuss your options.

How do I sustain a life of travel?

I am from New York City but use my skills in content creation, design, and brand consulting to provide professional services, internationally. As an award-winning marketing consultant and certified graphic designer, I specialize in editorial design, website management, social media management and visuals, blogging, and photography. My extensive communications experience includes content development, copywriting, and outreach strategies to a Forbes Top 400 company and many tourism establishments and wellness / lifestyle brands. 

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How do I save money on travel budgets and expenses?

To save money, I minimize my daily essentials and connect with a number of sources to find barter opportunities so as to reduce my living expenses. In fact, I even figured out how to save thousands of dollars in expenses per year while living in NYC full-time (no fluff).

Oh yeah, and I have a $2.00 rule for grocery shopping (I generally don't buy items over that price, unless it is meat) and $20 clothing rule (I rarely buy items over this amount). You can learn more tricks throughout the blog.

If you are interested in learning more about how to save and make money for travel, you might be interested in booking a consultation with me.

Rates vary: email me for more information or check out some free travel tips and consulting options.


Still intrigued?

Learn all the juicy details about how I gained professional success, survived lupus and a broken heart, and found my way into blogging and a life of travel (along with free lifetime access to my VIP resource center) with your purchase of the ebook, "Call Me Quitter".

Over 200 pages of inspiring and informative content about:

  • My life with lupus and how I found my own "remedy" to lupus nephritis
  • How I found a travel job and the travel hacks I discovered while there
  • How I found the courage to quit my job and how to become an entrepreneur without burning bridges
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  • A full breakdown about how to make money as a blogger (with realistic financial figures -- no six-figure promises here)
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  • and more!
This story isn't one of those, "I quit my job and now I'm traveling" easy-peasy sugarcoats. There are layers to the madness and "Call Me Quitter" confronts these complexities and their implications.